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We love integration projects. Anything from connecting AS400 systems to your website, right through to advanced ERP like Zoho and SAP pushing and receiving data from mobile applications. Anything involving moving and synching data between systems allows us to show our depth of knowledge and skills.
Most businesses struggle to have a single source of the truth. Data is often stored in multiple places to cater for the business needs. The trouble arises when different systems try to be the "source of the truth". In reality only one system can be the master and data used elsewhere should be updated by the master system.
This is normally done by human interaction which leads to data mis-matches and processing errors. Our goal is to link any different system to the one source of the truth in your ERP (Zoho) soltuion.

ZOHO Pepperi Integration 

Pepperi is a sales processing tool aimed at sales teams for rapid order taking. Zoho is a fully fledged ERP Business Management Suite. We have been fortunate to supply advise and support many custom solutions built around the Zoho platform.

This easy to use ERP solution works great in a wide range of companies and we have found their support excellent. Their open API allowed us to build a custom integration to many different solutions including Nop Commerce for websites and Pepperi for sales team order taking. We have been able to help many businesses like yours. remove the bottle necks in their business caused by data mis-matches.
Synchronise data between any platform using our integrations services.

Points to Note

As new customers are created in the website or application, replicate the new customer in Zoho removing the expensive and error prone human process. New customers can be flagged for additional workflows such as account applications or other business processes
The reverse is also true with new customers in Zoho automatically creating accounts on your website or application. Generate login details via the integration or call the external system to generate and send login details to approved customers
Stock lines are by their very nature dynamic. New lines are added, obsolete lines are removed. This is common in any business environment. Keeping everywhere an item is listed (ERP, Website, Order Applications, Internal Spreadsheets) can be a nightmare. By integrating all the systems to your central item catalog (Zoho) then changes can be managed in one place and all systems share the same data without costly human interactions
The integration to either accounting stock (invoiced) or physical stock (shipped) ensure the external system will (optionally) prevent orders being created for stock not on hand. Support back orders? No Problems, a simple setting in the integration module allows you to control if order lines are accepted or rejected. We also support taking into account draft orders and other order types to lower the stock available based on business rules ensuring your available stock qty is accurate everywhere
Sales Orders are the lifeblood of the business. Ensuring orders are never lost and are being processed in a timely manner is essential for business success. Our integration services allows you to select the right tool for your business and then have the data flow seamlessly between to the two systems. Use a custom order taking application on a mobile device for your sales teams and then a solid ERP (Zoho) for processing of received orders. Pick the right tool for the right job.
Need updates in the order status pushed back to your order taking solution, no problems. Reliable data flow can be configured one way or both ways removing the annoying problems associated with data silos