Secure Customer Portals

Emailing customised information to every person in your list of customers, vendors and salesforce is nerve-wracking. Ease the anxiety using a hosted secure customer portal.

Secure Customer Portals

A secure portal is a password-protected page on your website, allowing you to easily and confidently share business information with your customers and vendors. Password-protect each web section and set access permission on every page you and your team are collaborating on.

What you can do with customer portals

  • Quick Set Up and Easily Customisable: It’s tailored-fit to your customers’ branding, layout, tools and content of their portal.
  • Fully-functional business features
    Creates easy-to-use online experience for file viewing. Access business email services, calendars, projects, billing and more.
  • Effective Project Management
    Collaborate with your vendors and salesforce efficiently. Create unlimited projects, assign tasks and track your team’s progress through your portal.
  • Guaranteed Security
    We warrant 99.9% uptime through our hosted data servers. Customers have an extra level of security in managing files especially important when sharing confidential files - as they don’t have to remember to go back and delete files they’ve downloaded to their computer.
  • Fully Supported and Safe
    Our customer portal solutions are easily set up and remotely supported - company intranet, and extranet in one! 

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