Stay Connected with LiveChat

Working from home? Split shifts in the office?
Feeling isolated from your customers?

Interactive Partners’ LiveChat keeps you connected to your customers in these difficult times.

This is not a Bot or virtual receptionist - LiveChat connects your sale or service teams directly with the customer as they visit your website:

Key Benefits of LiveChat

Watch a quick video to demonstrate how it works:

 Interactive Partners LiveChat Demonstration video

Straightforward, easy-to-use interface,
provides details on operators & visitors.


Information on Visitors

As you chat, record customer information:

Staying in touch is now more important than ever in this uncertain time.

Add LiveChat to your website and provide a better experience
to keep your customers active.

LiveChat can be added to your website in a day for a minimum investment of $79.00 per month.

Call or LiveChat the team at Interactive Partners today to find out how.

More Information or to book a demonstration - call +61 2 911 4111 or +61 498 964 963.


Investment Options

Package INVESTMENT Covid Special
One-off setup / One Group included
Setup including branding and one department
$199.00 Waived!
One-off setup Additional Departments
Additional departments
Primary Agent
First Agent (invoiced monthly)
$79.00 per month $49.00
Additional Agent
Additional Agent each (invoiced monthly)
$49.00 per month $29.00


Start with one group/one agent and build from there.

Sales Group / Service Group - Live Chat has the capacity to carry multiple groups helping you provide advice by experts in specific areas.

More Information or to book a demonstration - try out our Livechat to the bottom right  

or call +61 2 911 4111 or +61 498 964 963.