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Looking for development staff to complement your team? Outsourcing makes it possible for every business to focus on their core competencies or add more staff to increase project velocity.

It is now a well-accepted practice among companies to reduce their costs of labor and increase their bottom-line. Running your own developing team is tedious as it requires effort, time and money. If time and resources are the main roadblocks to why you can’t develop your business further, outsourcing is the answer. By doing it, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Gain access to our highly-skilled website developers and designers
  • Cut back on overhead costs of hiring & recruiting an internal team
  • Assure yourself of well-structured and fully functional support team such as a project managers, copy writers or office admin

We provide scalable outsourcing contracts to suit your short and long term staffing needs. This recruiting and staffing service is designed for organizations looking for special or highly creative and technical skilled resources.



Outsourcing Features:

Temporary Staffing Solutions
Providing contractual workforce to companies whose workloads are seasonal and constantly varying. Temporary staffing solutions allow you to either manage your team on a part time basis or lnteractive Partners will manage them for you for full time.
Full Time Staffing Solutions
Providing full time workforce to companies having permanent and ever increasing workloads. Full time staffing solutions allow you to partially manage your team whilst at the same time Interactive Partners monitors and manages your team’s performance and progression on every projects you have on board.

Our staffs comprise a team of experts with proven track record in the interactive industry.

Graphic and Website Designers

bring great ideas into life. They turn their passion into creation. They go beyond the aesthetics of designs to make sure the finished-product reflects your overall business branding and strategy


Professional Web Developers

speak the language of coding and programming. They master all phases of Microsoft Technologies. We provide array of expertise from scalable to complex development projects utilizing different platforms from HTML and CSS to web services, SQL database, web application


Application Architects

are the subject matter experts focusing on designing application interfaces and software services to maximize reuse based on the business processes and governance rules for sharing


Database Designers

Our database designers are adept at designing a conceptual schema just how your business needs it to be. They work strict compliance with the W3C programming standards to fit your reporting and dashboard optimisation functions.


Project Managers

embody the principles of project accountability, delivery commitment and service reliability. They manage the lifecycle of our projects to ensure faster turnaround of high quality deliverable.


Client Delivery Managers

understand business and relate to people. Take your complexity through them to simplified easy to use solutions for you and your customers


Agile Management and Scrum masters

take the leadership in defeating data sprawl and any other hurdle that impedes a team’s pursuit of its sprint goals.


Content Writers

master the techniques of making your brand a king in the digital space. They can solidify your brand online using various styles of content development.


We, at Interactive Partners, hire only the qualified applicants based on your set qualifications and job descriptions.

We put emphasis on implementing Australian standards of hiring and recruiting processes to make sure the capabilities and skill sets of the recruits are aligned with your technical requirements. We conduct quarterly performance reviews to ensure the high quality of project deliverable whilst at the same time rewarding the staffs through incentives or bonuses to keep them inspired and committed in doing a job well done.

Meanwhile, here are some of the recruitment factors we take into consideration :

  • Locations of recruitment - Vietnam, Philippines or India whichever is preferable for pooling of developers, designers and project managers
  • Level of Position - Entry Level, Supervisory or Managerial Position
  • Skill Sets - Programming Languages, Knowledge on Code Sources, CMS, Project Managing and any other technical skills
  • Communication Skills - Proficiency in English both spoken and written
  • Salary Negotiation - budget set per position

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