Core Module of WebEd

WebEd is a powerful CMS with lots of integrated modules, and allows any user to quickly and easily maintain and manage their website. With over 38 modules available, WebEd allows you to create a website that will serve your business to the best advantage. Don't take our word for it, contact us now and in 10 minutes we can show you how we can quickly help you turn your great ideas into a real website designed to meet your business goals.

Below you can find a list of the main modules used by our international customers on their websites and the advantage that they could bring to you and/or your audience. Looking for a module you can't see below? We probably have it, we just call it something different, or it is just a small function of something else. Contact us, and we can show you what you are looking for.

  • Core Modules of WebEd

    Marketers are always under pressure to keep up with the radical revolution that is content marketing. We realize how critical it is to use an intuitive and logical CMS to get the desired results in your lead acquisition function.

    The Page Content Editor in WebEd offers an interface that promotes efficiency over intricacy. It simplifies content production and modification, allowing you to enhance distribution frequency and online visibility.

    It has features like the ability to insert content and media, meta tags, page redirects, dynamic linking to your website's navigation, the ability to use body and page templates, SEO, security features, document uploads, and, most importantly, the ability to insert content easily using curly bracket templates.


  • Core Modules of WebEd

    Content editors consistently create and publish articles. The need to change or use various templates is necessary to communicate a particular branding message.

    WebEd simplifies the tedious process of constantly changing body templates. It makes editors’ job easy and more productive.


  • Core Modules of WebEd

    Do you ever wonder why, despite having insightful content and excellent design, your website isn't generating the conversions you want for your business?

    Solve these sales and marketing woes by using flexible web form solutions. WebEd has a form builder that allows users to create customisable web forms specific to your sales and marketing needs.


  • Emailing customised information to every person in your list of customers, vendors and salesforce is nerve-wracking. Ease the anxiety using a hosted secure customer portal or page. A secure portal is a password-protected page on your website, allowing you to easily and confidently share business information with your customers and vendors. Password-protect each web section and set access permission on every page you and your team are collaborating on.


    Secure Customer Portals

  • Email Broadcast

    Email Broadcast

    Strengthen your customer relationships by efficiently developing targeted email marketing campaigns and landing pages with WebEd forms to take your marketing to the next level.

    WebEd's Email Broadcasts make it easy to develop customised email campaigns based on your sales and marketing objectives. This Email Marketing Software (EMS) is a feature-rich and cost-effective solution.

    After you've sent your email broadcast, you may monitor its performance by checking the email broadcast report, which will help you identify and correct any problem areas in your email marketing.

    The Email Statistics Report enables you to view the following:

    • Sents
    • Unique Opens
    • Not Opened
    • Unique Clicks
    • Unsubscribes
    • Bounced


  • Give your customers an insight to your business and beef up your content marketing to boost your search engine rankingWebEd's News Module is a great tool to help you publish your news information to your website. A newsletter is a cost-effective medium for building relationships and tapping new leads.




  • Testimonial


    The WebEd Testimonial Module enables users to display random customer testimonials throughout their site, promoting a warm welcome, a comfortable environment for site visitors and helping to enhance the brand image.

    Trust is one of the most crucial things to strive for with your website visitors. Allowing visitors to read good feedback from other customers goes a long way toward developing trust, which is essential for any web presence.


  • Events Module

    WebEd's Event Module is a robust CMS-based multi-functional event management software (EMS) that improves the efficiency of your event planning workflow. It aids in the organisation of various events such as business product launches, gala nights, academic conferences, trade shows, and more.


  • Subscription

    Through the subscription component on your website, customers can opt to receive informative content or promotions from your company and subscribe to a service rather than make a single purchase.

    WebeEd’s Subscription Module will help you build brand loyalty, a commitment made possible by solid customer relationships.


  • Photo-Gallery


    Start introducing your company’s products or exhibits to your customers using galleries.

    This module allows you to upload a series of photos and images on your website with an attractive layout. You can showcase photos and images on your site in albums from a specific event, location or any other category you may have.

    The photo gallery displays all images as thumbnails that open to full size when you click on them. Once in full size, you can browse through the images one by one as a slider.


  • Search-Engine-Optimisation

    Working on On-Page SEO Optimisation is already time-consuming, more so if the CMS is intimidating to use.

    WebEd's integrated SEO Scoring is a key feature to support the search engine optimisation strategies of every business owner.


  • Syndicated-Content

    WebEd’s Syndicated Content Module allows you to get page content from a central site and display them in multiple websites.

    A syndicated content system is designed to ensure all your websites are updated from Head Office at the same time, within correct time frames.

    This means you only have to update the content ONCE, and your content will be updated across all your websites.


  • Vehicle-Listing

    The Vehicle Listing module allows anyone to manage and display listings of new, demo or used vehicles on any website.

    WebEd makes it easier to manage stock with all the information available to you as an administrator, along with more information such as leads, views, and clicks on each vehicle.


  • Protected Documents

    Protected Documents is a WebEd module that enables secure, real-time file and folder sharing within your organisation.

    The administrator determines which groups have access to which folders, allowing only members of that group to view the files within those folders. The protected documents can then be displayed on your web pages in a folder structure.

    The documents are updated on the website at the same time you update them in your folders. To ensure documents are secure, each link to a document is generated for a single use only.


  • Rotating Images

    WebEd’s Rotating Images Module gives you the freedom to display multiple images as your website's header, in a slider.

    This module is packed with features such as displaying a heading and subheading, a CTA, and specifying the Start and End Dates for your images, that is especially helpful for marketing purposes.


  • Protected Documents

    WebEd enables users to easily create snippets of HTML or Script to re-use through-out their website, with the use of Snippets and Snippet Effects.

    WebEd's Snippets Module allows every editor to reuse elements across the website, and select from multiple layouts to display them, using the Snippets and Snippet Effects curly bracket template.


  • User Groups

    WebEd's Users Group Module allows you create user accounts for your staff, vendors and clients.

    Using this module, you are able to monitor the activity level (last log in and last update) of each person or department, as well as assign different redirect URLs and toolbars for their page editor.



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