Online subscriptions give you the opportunity to grow your business revenue and establish long-term relationships with your customers.


Through the subscription component on your website, customers can opt to receive informative content or promotions from your company and subscribe to a service rather than make a single purchase.

WebeEd’s Subscription Module will help you build brand loyalty, a commitment made possible by solid customer relationships.

What types of subscription model can you add?

Some of the subscription models you do using WebEd's Subscription Modules are:

Newsletter Model

Subscribers will receive digital newsletters of various topics particular to your line of business or industry

Promotions Model

Paying subscribers will receive exclusive access to your special promotions or researches

Membership Model

Paying members get an exclusive access to a library of information on topics related to your business and their field of interest

WebEd Subscription Module is FREE to use. It is designed to help you manage all aspects of the online subscription components.


Start moving your business forward.

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