Pictures paint a thousand words. Showcase your brand, portfolio or photo exhibits using a photo gallery.

Upload a series of photos and images into folders on your website and display them on your page with an attractive layout.

With WebEd's Photo Gallery, you can showcase images on your site in segregated albums from a specific event, location or any other category you may have, just as you would upload a normal image on your page.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery displays all images or photos as thumbnails, allowing users to see all images clearly at once. These thumbnails, when clicked, open to full size. Once the images are in full size, they are displayed in a slider that you can click through.

Photo Gallery

Start introducing your company’s products or exhibits to your customers using galleries.

Why use a photo gallery?

  • The Photo Gallery is FREE to use and no need to purchase a plug-in or upgrade a theme
  • It can be customised to reflect the unique style of our brand and website
  • When you upload your images in a photo gallery folder, thumbnails are automatically generated for each image, saving you a huge amount of time because you won't have to create thumbnails

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