Hosting a company event drives business growth, deepens brand exposure, increases business development and strengthens your relationship with your existing clients.

WebEd’s Events Module is a multi-functional event management software (EMS) built within a powerful CMS. It provides efficiency in your event organising workflow.

The Events Module supports a hassle-free event management of different events such as company product launching, gala nights, academic conferences, trade exhibitions, and more.

Creating Events

Start saving money and use WebEd’s Events Module, a 2-1 software - mini CRM and customisable CMS to reduce your costs in getting a third-party event management software.

It gives you the flexibility to:

  • Create and customise your event online.
    This enables event managers or organisers to create unlimited branded templates and enter comprehensive information.
  • Integrate Payment System and Online Registration.
    Get paid faster. The events module allows you to flexibly accept credit or debit card payments from prospective attendees paying online. Online registrations are stored in a centralised web-based location. This means convenience for both participants and organisers. Participants can register anytime anywhere while organisers can track sales records 24/7.
  • Select the venue or site.
    Mapping the right venue and location for the event is crucial in events planning. This application is an economical way  for your prospective attendees to search the site of your event. Plus, having a Google Map on your event page helps boost your On-Page SEO Optimisation.
  • Promote content.
    Promotion of the event is supported by WebEd CMS. You can do massive content distribution online such as RSVPS, # of tickets left , last minute reminder and more utilising WebEd’s Email Broadcast System [hyperlink to the email marketing page] . Email broadcast system allows event organisers to create, edit, publish, and manage updates about clients, suppliers, and company operation’s data or information through a centralised secure portal and database.
  • Track Ticket Sales and Available Seats.
    This feature gives you an accurate record of event reports ; ticket sales, early bird registrations, discounted tickets, coupon codes and available seats. This report is vital in determining your success trajectory in terms of sales generation and many other intangible benefits.

Start moving your business forward.

Increase your productivity by utilising an all-encompassing CMS.