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The prime reason for a website is to inform your customer generate leads (sales) to your business. A website, backed by good relevant content, utilises your branding and marketing initiatives to drive leads, build sales and engage your customer.

An impeccable website is built with great customer usability, easy navigation and user-interface (UI) while supporting your content sharing capability and future digital expansion.

Our building block for website design and development is your LEAD ACQUISITION PROCESS. Deployed using our WebEd CMS, it allows every business to maximise its high tech tools for marketing automation. The front-end design imprints long lasting visual impression unique to your branding while the back-end gives you powerful tools such as creation of email marketing campaigns and optimised landing pages , tagging your contacts and synchronising your database all of which work to help you funnel your sales and marketing pipeline. Yes, you read it right. We build websites capable of supporting all kinds of lead acquisition and nourishment strategies. Let your valuable content reach your targeted market and score your leads based on their reception of your shareable pieces.

The key features of Interactive Partners’ website design and development services include:

  • Basic and impressive designs unique to your branding and marketing needs
  • All-in-one e-Commerce solution designed for customising your online store for wider market reach and a scalable product catalogue
  • Powerful Content Management System (CMS) designed for creation of valuable digital content
  • Integrated SelfServiceSEO system and social platforms to support your on-page optimisation and connection with your existing customers
  • Developed in multitudes programming language to reinforce usability, responsiveness and browser compatibility
  • Access to 24/7 Technical Support to eliminate business downtime
  • Secured Hosting Server for data protection

website design and development

Our Process


Step 1

Analyse, define and discuss your business requirements Propose customised design and solutions aligned with your specific needs and wants

Step 2

Code, QA and deliver the website to you

Step 3

Conduct CMS training with you and your team to enable you to administer your own website for maintenance

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