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WebEd’s Rotating Images Module gives you the freedom to display multiple images as your website's header, in a slider.

rotating image

Along with the header image, you may place a heading and subheading text on top of the image if desired, as well as a link when the image is clicked.

rotating image

Another benefit of Rotating Images is that the user can specify the Start and End dates. The Date Start specifies when you want your image to be publicly visible, while the Date End specifies when it should be removed. This is especially useful for images associated with marketing or promotions.

Advantages of using Rotating Images

  • Suits your branding needs
    Change the design anytime you see fit to achieve a more personalised look and feel.
  • Using this module is completely FREE
    No need to purchase a theme upgrade in order to use the Rotating Images module.
  • Very easy to use
    No need for coding. Just upload a new image from your desktop or select from existing media, add marketing messages and a call-to-action button, you are all set.

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