Syndicated Content

Update multiple websites simultaneously, saving you time while keeping all your content up-to-date and on-brand.

Let's say you have 10 restaurants in different cities, each with their own website, and you have a new menu that you want to feature across all these websites simultaneously. WebEd lets you do just that.

WebEd’s Syndicated Content Module allows you to get page content from a central site and display them in multiple websites.

Just set up the central site on your websites, and enter the page ID of the original content from your central site.

Syndicated Content

This means you only have to update the content ONCE, and your content will be updated across all your websites.

Website 1:

Syndicated Content

Website 2:

Syndicated Content

Think about all the time you will save by not having to update multiple websites for the same content! *wink*

Why use syndicated content


Dynamic content updating and pushing to multiple websites saves you a huge amount of time, not to mention stress-free! This benefits companies like automobile franchises or dealers, hotel chains, retail store branches, and many more.

Imagine the whole network instantly updated whenever you update your content. This guarantees everyone is ‘on brand’ with specs and features up-to-date.

Developers and non-technical users love using this module because it absolutely does not require heavy coding skills, making it very easy to implement.


Start moving your business forward.

Increase your productivity by utilising an all-encompassing CMS.