Wondering why despite having informative content and impeccable design, your website is still not giving you the conversions you need for your business?
Solve this sales and marketing woes by using flexible web form solutions.
Prospective clients have a goal when they use your website. The deterrent factor standing between their GOAL and your WEBSITE is the FORM.  

Online forms initiate immediate action and better user participation. In fact, it is their final step in the journey of completing their goal.
WebEd has a form builder allowing you to create customisable web forms specific to your sales and marketing needs.
WebEd Form Builder is user-friendly.  You can either add or embed the web forms into your web pages easily, quickly and conveniently.  Web form populates email marketing database for seamless marketing automation.
Improve your overall user-experience and drive quality form conversions with WebEd’s Form Builder:

Simple Forms with Notifications

A more advanced form can not only populate the database but also notify a nominated email account when a visitor subscribes. 
This can be as simple as a one line email such as:
Congratulations! you have a new subscriber or more complex items such as the full details of the new subscriber
Congratulations! you have a new subscriber
Firstname                              John
Lastname                              Smith
Email                               [email protected]
Product Of Interest      Whitegoods, Appliances
or even mail merge contact details with a preformatted template.
Congratulations! You have a new subscriber. 

The new contact named John Smith has been added to the database. Please make sure they receive a welcome pack.
The email address for the new subscriber is [email protected]
John is mainly interested in Whitegoods, Appliances


Simple Forms with Autoresponder

The use of an auto responder ensures the visitor will receive a confirmation email.
This is specifically useful for events registrations, RSVPs, courses enrollment or a wide range of other activities.

You can even include links back to a PDF, user guide or webpage as part of the auto responder. Some clients use this for conference or training registrations with the auto responder containing suggested reading or links back to venue directions.

The perfect way to ensure the visitor receives the information they need and making you look professional.

Forms with Advanced Notification

 The more advanced users of our form functions utilise our "notify Template" feature which allows the visitor to submit a form request.

The details to be stored in the customer community marketing database
Form data mail merged with a template and sent to a third party.
The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) have found this to be particularly useful with a form submit creating a new contact in the databases, advising the AMCS they have a new member and then merging that member data with a notify template which is then forwarded on to the environment minister. All from the single submit from a web page.

Forms with all options

This impressive marketing solution allows for even more complex forms. The flexibility can be combined to cater for almost any form handling scenario.
Users can be reluctant to fill out forms, so we make the process as easy as possible. Let us help you significantly increase your website’s usability.

Start moving your business forward.

Increase your productivity by utilising an all-encompassing CMS.