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Internet has revolutionised the way we live our lives. With over 1 Billion websites on the World Wide Web today, the cascade of data gathering and research has been encapsulated at your fingertip. Needless to say, websites are the netizens’ hubs to the world – access to untraveled destinations, peep into vintage information, glimpse to global market etc.  While internet modernised our processes and procedures, certain safety risks are likely to affect our reputation as entrepreneurs.

When online prospects land to your website they inadvertently disclose personal information by filling out your web forms. Comes with that voluntarily disclosure is their confidence in your organization to uphold the strictest measures in keeping their information secured. To protect your business’ interest is to save your clients from phishers, spammers and hackers. Google alone quarantines approximately 10,000 websites a day via its Safe Browsing technology and blacklists approximately 9,500 to 10,000 websites per day. If you are disregarding the SAFETY FEATURES of the CMS and Hosting services you are using, then your business is at greater risks of getting banned online and potentially losing a number of customers.

More than defacing your website, hackers use your site’s back-end database as email conduits for messages malicious in nature or set up temporary server to save phishing spams.  We, at Interactive Partners, value the investments you put into your development, thus, part of our value-added service is to give your website an uncompromised safety, through our WebServerProtect .

What is Web Server Protect?


WebServerProtect is a web application firewall that can be easily installed on your website. Web Server Protect is a cloud based service which filters traffic to your website. Unique site visitors get content loaded faster via the service content delivery network while hackers, bots and spammers are blocked. The service is using a state of the art technology tracing every piece of traffic thus sparing your website from spammers, hackers, bots or scrapers. The application is even capable of mitigating large DDoS attacks.

In addition to the full protection features, Web Server Protect is using a bunch of caching and optimization techniques that will make your website way faster and increase your SEO ranking

Web Server Protect


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