Page Content Editor

Seamless content creation, editing and publishing. User-friendly for novice editors!

We understand the importance of using an intuitive and logical CMS to deliver the expected results in your sales generation function.

The WebEd CMS is built with marketers and editors in mind. It was developed sans the complexities and ambiguousness of technology behind a powerful CMS.

WebEd’s Page Content Editor has user-friendly interface promoting productivity rather than complication. It makes content creation and editing easy, so you could increase your distribution frequency and online visibility.

Core Modules of WebEd

Key Features of the WebEd Page Editor

  • User-friendly editor navigations: Editor icons are self-explanatory and easy to follow, and can be customised for every user group
  • Superb Usability: Quickly create, edit or publish your article
  • Self Sufficient Design and Layouts: Personalise and customise the look and feel of your page content tailored to your liking
  • Simple Media Library and Image Embedding: Insert images and apply lightbox effect to give your readers a different visual experience
  • Spell Check: functionality to avoid typographical errors
  • Easy Media Embedding: Embedding YouTube videos to drive traffic to your social page is easier

Start moving your business forward.

Increase your productivity by utilising an all-encompassing CMS.