Self Service SEO Tool for Better Browser Ranking

Self Service SEO Tool for Better Browser Ranking

Does dealing with the complexities and volume of Search Optimisation stop you from including SEO in your website strategy?

If increasing your website’s ranking on Search Engines is your primary goal, then check out our Self Service SEO website. This D.I.Y. all-in-one SEO tool provides everything you need. Learn as you work on your website using the step-by-step guides. 

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

Great results, instant knowledge and understanding. Minimal investment. A budget tailored to suit your business. 

Get reports like these today:

Self Service SEO is a science-based approach delivering proven results coupled with a comprehensive training program (learn as you ‘do’) to ensure you get top results.

Start by running the Website Technical Audit. Often ranking results are severely impacted by small technical glitches in your website. The technical audit gives you the necessary recommendations to resolve links (broken), images (missing) plus 100 other checks which may be negatively impacting your SEO Results. START YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW!


Find the most suitable keywords for your products and services to generate real traffic. Keywords are often guessed. Using the latest techniques, the keyword tool takes out the guess-work and generates real alternatives, plus providing local and global search counts. With the keyword tool you can scientifically uncover what words work for your website and business. 

Self Service SEO also allows you to spy on your competitors' keywords to ensure you are not missing any opportunities. GET STARTED NOW!


Once your keywords are defined, use the optimisation report to see the changes your site needs to improve the SEO results. Each page of your site is carefully analysed against your recommended keywords. Changes are clearly defined and explained for content editors to adapt and implement. 

This is not magic, it is just science.
Items such as keyword weight on page, bold and non bolded ratios, alt image tags, title and URL stacking are carefully checked and explained, allowing you to quickly whip the site into shape and maximise your potential.


Self Service SEO allows you to accurately check your website ranking (see why you can’t check it yourself). You can also see your page-by-page ranking for global and local search results. Review your website’s average position, your competitors’ keywords ranking, and your ranking movement. Compare your own site history or compare to your competitors for specific keywords and phrases. 

See how your website is ranked for your keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo in 68 countries and cities. This tool integrates with Google Analytics. Act Today!


Not all backlinks are equal. Some backlinks are harmful and can cause your website rankings to plummet if Google penalises your site because of bad backlinks association. Use Link Analysis to check your website backlinks’ quality, toxic or non-toxic. 

Link Analysis provides recommendations on potential issues including toxic links, web farms and negative links. You can also compare your backlinks quality against your competitors. 


Track social media activity and back linking activity to your website from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter(Note: any other social media - are they all covered? If they are it needs to be clear). Check the effectiveness of your social media campaigns. 

Self Service SEO is trusted by thousands of companies to improve rankings on Google and other search engines. 
Create your FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT or Get Started with a Plan that suits your needs.

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