How to Generate More Leads Using your Website

How to Generate More Leads Using your Website
Wondering why despite having a website you are not getting the sales conversions you need for your business?

A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson. - Jakob Nielsen

Difficulty in generating customers out of prospects is often a result of a website with leaky user-experience, defective usability and poor content.

Content is the king and user-experience is the queen in digital space. Your website should have content relevant to solving your prospects’ problem and a good user-experience to help them make a buying decision.

Fine-tune your website to create an in-demand experience and increase your brand engagement.

We, at Interactive Partners, design and development user-centric websites using a feature-rich content management system (CMS) - WebEd. We have a lot of cool tricks up our sleeves you may not be aware of to grease the business processes, cement customers-relationships and build-up sales pipeline. 

Here’s how you can tweak your website and turn it from “oh shit” to “Aha!” 

Use Web Forms. 

Trigger better user participation by adding online forms on your web pages. Web forms will direct prospects to make an immediate action. 


WebEd CMS has a form builder allowing you to create customisable online forms specific to your sales and marketing needs. 

Take away: Web forms can significantly increase your website’s usability. However, do remember , users can be reluctant to fill out forms, so make the process as easy as possible. Create simple forms with customised call-to-action buttons to capture more leads. 

Use custom content. 

"61% of consumers are influenced by custom content." - Dragon Search Marketing 

Great content builds trust over time and keeps prospects close to you. 


WebEd CMS has user-friendly Content Editor ,  Rotating Images and Photo Gallery Modules that would help you support your branding customisation , content creation and publication. 

Take away: Write well-focused and in-depth content that reflects your expertise and valuable to your target-audience. Publish image-rich content to attract and engage prospects. Customise the design of your web pages to give your website a new look and feel. 

Promote your content. 

Creating content is only one half of marketing. The other half is promoting. It is not enough to simply stuff your website with numerous articles. You have to get those articles out to your target audience. 

WebEd CMS has social media push, email and event marketing modules designed to streamline your content promotion strategies. Say what?? Yes you have read it right. WebEd is a smart CMS built to make your content publication and promotion easier, efficient and cost-productive. 


Take away: Consistency and accuracy are the key in achieving success. Whether you are using social media or email and event marketing campaign – ensure your promotional content and context are tailored to your sales and marketing objectives. 

Make your website SEO Friendly.

Sure thing, you need a high ranking website as close to the first page as possible. Be right there when your prospective customers search for products and services like yours.

WebEd CMS has SEO Scoring Module to make your On-Page Search Engine Optimisation projects easy to do.

Take away:  Good SEO starts with having comprehensive Keywords Planning. Make sure your main keywords are highly contained in your content. Forget the hype, over sell and snake oil sales techniques of SEO companies. Through our unique robust Self Service SEO solution - you are in control.

Use Secure Customer Portal.

Pushing spreadsheets and customer information by email is slow and cumbersome. Secure customer portals make great sense and streamline the process. Internal steps which automatically publish to the portal mean no human intervention freeing up staff and smoothing the process.


WebEd CMS has Secure Customer Portal Module to help you confidently and securely share highly confidential files with your customers and staff. 

Take away: Using secure customer portal allows you to create specific access level to every customer and staff. You can restrict what particular information is viewable by the public.

Add Testimonials.

Put random testimonials to add credibility to your website. Prospective customers judge you by the company you service and keep.   

WebEd CMS has Testimonial Module readily available for your usage. Templates are built in and allows you to display testimonials throughout your website.

Take Away: Testimonials can also serve as FREE Marketing for your clients since you are giving them brand exposure and possibly drive traffic to their websites. 

As a conclusion, it is easy to design a simple website but creating complex websites that would sell is another story. Usability and usefulness will determine how your website will work for you. 

We find ways how to help you achieve your goals through cost-effective and user-friendly pieces of technology. 


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